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Future Banking With Student Loans "Insurance."

Jaswinder Brar
Jaswinder Brar | 3 weeks ago | in Banking on a new world

Many Student Rely on Banking Firms for Help Finishing School Today:
-Via Student Loans.

Banking Firms (& Partnering Insurance Companies) may wish to pursue provisioning a New Service for Educational Institutes' Students in The Future:



Post-Secondary Educational Institute Students:

May Purchase "Educational Course Insurance" from Banking Firms (&/Or Participating Insurance Companies):
-Along with their Student Loan Agreements

To receive a portion of their Tuition back:
-If they fail to complete/pass the course.
-To help pay down the Student Loan Debt.

-If they Pass: Bank (& Insurance Company) Keeps Extra Insurance $.

Educational Institutes Receive:
Full Payment For Course, Pass or Fail.
-Banking-Firm- OR -Insurance-Company- Take-On-Calculated-Risk:

Much More Student Pass Than Fail in England, and WorldWide.
-It A Common Known Fact with very low susceptibility to anomalies hence a "Calculated-Fail-Proof-Risk" for Banking Firms and Insurance Companies.
-All While being a convenient way to keep costs down for Students! (esp. in-case of disaster)

Supporting Details Here:



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