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Have Your Money Pre-Sorted Into Monthly Calendars: Amazon "Pill Pack" Business Model Inspired.

Jaswinder Brar
Jaswinder Brar | 1 month ago | in Bank to the future

See Details on Amazon's "Pill Pack" Simplified Pharmacy Delivery Service:


I believe that Financial Banking Firms could offer a similar "Money Packaging" Service for Banking Firm Clients for a "Controlled Spending Plan-of-Action" which will results in more Money Saved!

Step 1: Financial Banking Firm Client Meets with Banking Firm Representative to Discuss Savings/Payment/Etc Financial Plannning.

Step 2: Client Agrees to have Money "Pre-Sorted" & "Pre-Packaged" for Specific Spending Decisions of Financial Planning for Banking Firm Service Fee.

Step 3: Client Pays & Receives Money Curated in Pre-Packaged Money Calendars... Just like Pill Pack.

Step 4: Client has better approach to Financial Planning, thanks to Financial Banking Firm Representatives Service.

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SABP 3 weeks ago

Sounds about as sensible as keeping your cash in different tea caddies. No one who needs this type of hand-holding should be trusted out the door, much less to find and use a financial adviser.
Just learn to use a spread sheet.

Jaswinder Brar 3 weeks ago

Hello SABP...

I believe people who live in poverty, young people, people new to money, recent graduates, students, and people with spending problems (millions) would disagree...

This is a structured financial expenses plan to help them afford a better lifestyle.

This kind of service by Banking Firms could create a beneficial relationship for Banking Firm & Clients...

PS: You may have also misunderstood...

This is all applicable to having your money sorted into "Pre-Paid Financial Cards"
...VISA & MASTERCARD & BANKING FIRMS Provision More Financial Cards "As a Service."
...As well has Other Financial Payment Methods: Cheques, Cash, Digital, Etc.

I hope this helps you understand better.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jaswinder Brar. 2019.

SABP 3 weeks ago

Money, in all forms, is, and should be encouraged to be treated as, fungible. Dividing it into pots is absurd. It is particularly so for the poor who need to manage priorities, not set them in stone.
When income is limited and unpredictable, spending plans must also be flexible.

Jaswinder Brar 3 weeks ago

They could tear open all the packaging and spend how they want to anyways... 100% fungibility. This is just a friendly reminder system.

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