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Cash vs Cashless Challenge

Help us to understand how and why you make payments the way you do!

Banknotes will remain a central form of payment for some time but as we look to the future, we want to know what you think money will be like and what this could mean for you.

To help us understand this we are tasking the people of the UK to undertake our Cash vs Cashless Challenge for a week.  

How can I take part?

  • It's simple...If you usually pay with cash, we're asking you to go cashless (this can include debit/credit cards, Apple/Android Pay, cheque etc.);
  • and for those who are usually cashless, we challenge you to use only cash for a week.
  • We would like you to log your experiences of the week, and then please share them with us by commenting in the challenge section.

What would we like know? 

  • Why do you choose to make payments the way you do?
  • How easy/difficult was it to make payments in the opposite way to normal?
  • What/where were the main challenges or benefits?
  • Has the experience changed or cemented your views on how you will make payments in the future?

Please share any key examples with us too! We'll be reviewing all of the feedback received to help us understand any trends in the way people choose to make payments, and how this might help shape the future of money.


Take the challenge!