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Chat with the Governors live on the platform - diarise these dates now!

Posted by Future Forum (Admin) 3 months ago

The Governors will be taking part in live Q&A sessions on the platform.  





14 November


Dave Ramsden

Money, Money, Money

16 November


Sam Woods

Banking on a new world

27 November


Jo Place

Bank to the future

06 December


Ben Broadbent

Youth Forum

13 December


Jon Cunliffe

Banking on a new world

09 January


Mark Carney

Overview of all discussions so far

28 January


All Governors

Culmination event

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Comments (16)

Angela De Souza says... 3 months ago

Yes, I submitted my registration. Thanks

Michelle (BoE Moderator) says... 3 months ago

Great, thanks Angela. You'll receive an email when it is time to submit your questions.

june gibson says... 3 months ago

Being old I am 'old school'. There are a lot of oldies as the Press is ever reminding...

I like cash.  Cash helps people see what they have left on a shopping trip. Higher echelons are always urging people to live within their means. That is less likely if cashless payments are encouraged. I shall be interested in the forum's Qs and As.

Andrew (BoE Moderator) says... 3 months ago

Thanks for getting in touch June. We're really keen to hear the views from people of all ages so your comments about the importance of cash are very helpful. Please do continue to contribute on the platform.

Ian Collier says... 3 months ago

Our research shows that the benefits, risks and issues of de-cashing depend upon the stakeholder group and the level of development of the economy in question.

Stefanie (BoE Moderator) says... 3 months ago

Yes, a lot of comments so far seem to flag situations where it would be exceptionally difficult to use cards - for example, when buying the Big Issue.

Ivoni Mataj says... 3 months ago

Hi Ian,

I agree with your conclusion. Can you tell more about the time of your research, the method applied and what data was used?

Sabrina Rochemont says... 2 months ago

Hi Ivoni, 

Thank you for your question The Cashless Society Working Party research provides a neutral, analytical assessment of developments to comprehend benefits, risks and issues of a cashless society at global level.

It provides insights into specialist economic topics and identifies opportunities to learn from international experiences, and to adapt public policy.

It provides insights into stakeholder interests that underpin entrenched positions on the transition in progress.

The work done by the working party sets itself apart from those of the identified Stakeholder Groups because of its neutrality. 

Specifically, we have been focusing on:

-       Cost of cash,

-       Financial inclusion/ exclusion,

-       Negative Interest Rate Policies,

-       Stakeholder analysis,

-       Risks and Issues analysis,

-       2017 international chronicle with case studies,

-       Implications of technology/ mobile payments.


You may access the research here: https://www.actuaries.org.uk/practice-areas/f...y-working-party

The "Cashless Society- Benefits, risks and issues interim paper" details the methodology, which is qualitative based on following developments on the topic throughout 2017 (Cashless World in Motion chapter, with the 2017 addendum), and synthesising findings in the shape of stakeholder analysis and risks/ issues register for the topic of de-cashing on a global basis. The supporting library for our conclusions is extensive, with over 1,200 documents cited/ referred to. 

The 2018 copy of the Cashless World in Motion is due out early 2019, with follow up of developments in the most of the countries cited for 2017, as well as a review of the trends/ risks and issues for the year..

Jatin Badiani says... 3 months ago

I am keen to hear the Governors speak. Is there a link I can register on? What platform will be used and how do I get access to it?

Shelley (BoE Moderator) says... 3 months ago

Hi Jatin, thank you for your interest. We have deciated pages for each Governor. Please visit the pages and post your questions for the relevant Governor.

When the Governor gives his speech these will be streamed/uploaded to the Forum also - so please keep an eye out for this!

Ramblingsofabard says... 2 months ago
Hi Shelley, are there links to these governor pages, I saw a few before but can’t find them
Michelle (BoE Moderator) says... 2 months ago
This comment has been removed
Dick Rodgers says... 2 months ago

Can I join in today's chat with the governor, please?


Ramblingsofabard says... 2 months ago
Are there any more live chats planned?
Shelley (BoE Moderator) says... 2 months ago

HI, yes we have Ben Broadbent on the 6 December and Jon Cuncliffe on 13 December. These are the final two for 2018. We will schedule more in January with Mark Carney. I encourage you to get involved!

Ramblingsofabard says... 2 months ago
Thanks Shelley, also what is the event on the 16th? And initially there was some selection for most active participants?
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